Rate Controls

ADA Series Rate Controls

ITT Enidine Inc. Rate Controls are used to regulate the speed or time required for a mechanism to move from one position to another. They use proven technology to enhance performance in a variety of product applications. Rate controls are typically used to control pneumatic cylinders, linear slides, lids, and other moving mechanisms.

DA Series Rate Controls

The DA Series Rate Controls by ITT Enidine Inc. are ideally suited for high-energy, heavy load applications requiring rate control in tension, compression or both directions. These non-adjustable, custom-orificed units are designed to specific input conditions, and allow for single and multiple orifice configurations.

Tow Bar Snubbers

ITT Enidine Inc. Hydraulic Tow Bar Snubbers provide features and benefits to extend the service life of inverted/overhead power and free conveyors by reducing the transmitted shock force encountered in the every day operation of the production line.

Custom Elastomers

Dramatic noise reduction and vibration isolation is achieved with Enidine’s Elastomeric Isolation Mounts. In addition to its standard product line, Enidine develops custom elastomerics using the most advanced tools and techniques for material development, testing and rapid prototyping. These products complement Enidine’s existing shock and vibration isolation offerings, enabling Enidine to become your single source for shock and vibration attenuation.