Other Products

Rotary Viscous Dampers

Rotary Viscous Dampers provide smooth control in applications that require continuous or intermittent positioning, forward, reverse and fixed path motion. The RVD design combines low breakout friction with viscous damping to control bi-directional rotary motion in numerous applications. Each RVD contains a solid, rotating element called a “rotor”. This rotor is surrounded by a thin film of silicone fluid and sealed inside a stationary housing. The RVD’s rotor provides resistance by shearing the silicone fluid, controlling the desired motion.

Viscous Speed Governors (VSG)

The VSG’s simple, lightweight rugged construction provides reliable performance for numerous industrial applications. The VSG controls rotation of shafts and hinged loads by using silicone-based viscous shearing technology. An inner rotor is surrounded by silicone fluid within the stationary housing. As the shaft rotates, the inner rotor shears the silicone fluid providing resistance and smooth motion. Fluid viscosity of each VSG is selected after considering variables such as the components size, weight, spring assist and desired cycle time.

Polyurethane Bumpers

For over 40 years, Enidine’s products have safely protected the crane operator and equipment during the transfer of materials and movement of products.

These products are individually sized to decelerate moving loads under various conditions and in compliance with industry mandated safety standards. They are engineered to conform with OSHA, AISE, CMAA and other safety specifications such as DIN and FEM.