Elevator Edges

TRI-TRONICS® is a leading US manufacturer of elevator and hoistway door protection systems. Choose from our standard or waterproof version. TRI-TRONICS also manufactures individual photo eyes and dual beam systems. TRI-TRONICS® elevator door control products are designed for elevator door protection only. Our edges are not designed to be used in applications such as top of elevator cab protection, or in residential elevators in conjunction with scissor gates. Additionally, they are not designed to be used as machine safety light curtains commonly found in industrial robotic areas, or around machines that could pinch, grab, or cut person or persons in close proximity.


The LEADINGEDGE® light screen door edge control system was designed to outperform all other door edge controls on the market. After performing extensive market research, it was determined that customers “… made their edge purchasing decisions based on price alone.” However, after further inquiry, we discovered that they actually were making their purchasing decision based on Total Applied Cost.


The LEADINGEDGE® Waterproof was made for the most extreme environmental conditions in the world. Designed for the most demanding and difficult applications, the LEADINGEDGE® Waterproof elevator door edge protects from the most extreme conditions including mist, dust, humidity, rain, wash-down, physical abuse, and direct sunlight exposure.


With the ElevatorEye™ you can select “individual” eye systems that fit any door application to back up the mechanical safety edge. The reflectors, mounting brackets, and all hardware are included. They are easy to install and even easier to maintain. They provide dependable operation up to 12′ using infrared invisible light, and are unaffected by light from other sources. These systems meet and exceed ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements along with state and local codes.

ElevatorEye™ Dual Beam Systems

The dependable, ready-to-install system, with its unique redundant operation… if one eye fails, the other continues to operate the door.