Air Ride Suspension Systems

ASCO Numatics offers a wide range of valves and components for onboard air systems and other automotive related applications.

ASCO Numatics valves and control components are used on some of the following vehicles:
Trains and Buses– brakes, suspensions, and door controls
Heavy Duty Trucks– turbocharger, suspension, transmission, and coolant control systems
Street Cleaning Equipment– water and cleaner control valves
Heavy Construction Equipment– control valves for transmissions
Racing Vehicles– fuel shutoff valves
Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles

ASCO Numatics valves and components are also used in these related industries:
Tire Manufacturing Facilities
Auto Painting Facilities
Automotive Assembly Robots
Car Wash Water and Cleaner Control Systems
Fueling Stations-
in the pumps and for vapor recovery

Air Suspension Diagram