Badger Meter has many different technologies and each of them has its place within the marketplace.  The Preso® differential pressure technology is one of the most proven measuring technologies throughout history.  Badger Meter has been selling primary flow elements for over 50 years.  Preso Differential Meters offer a custom engineered solution specifically manufactured to fit within your system.  This technology offers a reliable long term solution for fluid, steam or gas applications.

Preso offers the following technologies and accessories to provide flow measurement solutions for applications in the industrial, commercial and municipal fields:

  • Gemini Cone DP Meter
  • Coin® Segmented Wedge Meter
  • Ellipse® Pitot Tube
  • Venturi DP Meters (Hershel, Venturi Nozzle or Low-Loss Type)
  • Gages, Transmitters, Transducers and Flow Computers
  • FM approved Venturis, Ellipse Pitot Tubes, Gauges and test kits
  • Calibration Services

With this family of products, Preso can provide a flow meter for any process that can be measured with differential pressure technology, often at calibrated accuracy of better than ±0.5% of reading.