Clamping, Workholding Automation

P&P provides clamping & work-holding products and equipment from world leader in workholding and clamping namely DE-STA- CO that has maintain their leadership in this field since the invention of first toggle clamp in 1936. DE-STA-CO provides:
  • Widest variety of manual, hydraulic and pneumatic clamping products on the market
  • Durable and reliable CPI end effectors (end-of-arm tooling) secure work pieces and materials during transfer
  • Flexible workholding selection applies to all parts, ranging from small and delicate to large and heavy
  • Custom components for the perfect solution to specific applications
DE-STA-CO products include:
  • Red-handle toggle clamps
  • Power Clamps
  • End Effectors or Robotic End-of-Arm Tool (CPI brand products)
  • Tool Changer couplings
DE-STA-CO brand includes CAMCO (FERGUSON), ROBOHAND AND CRL. A pioneering manufacturer of innovative material handling tools for any application, DE-STA-CO focuses steadfastly on customers' needs, consistently offering industry-leading products for streamlining manufacturing processes. As a result, DE-STA-CO is now the worldwide leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and support of clamps, grippers, indexers, slides, conveyors, robotic tooling and remote handling products for workplace and automation.