FRL Products

280 Series Digital Pressure/Vacuum Sensors

Numatics DPS / DVS 280 series digital sensors can be used as a digital pressure / vacuum gauge for accurate visual display of the current value. They can also be used as a controls device.

FlexiBlok Modular FRL 14/22/32/42 Series

Numatics Modular FlexiBlok FRL products are available in port sizes from 1/8 inch to 1 inch with flow rates from 30 to 300 scfm. The Flexiblok product line include particulate and coalescing filters and filter/regulator combinations, regulators, lubricators, manual shut-off valves, solenoid soft start and quick exhaust valves, diverter blocks, and other circuitry accessories

High Flow FRL 50 Series

High flow capacity FRL line – Filters, Regulators and Lubricators.

Miniature FRL 12 Series

The Numatics Miniature FRL 12 Series is perfect for applications needing clean air in a limited space. The black anodized bodies are made from light weight aluminum and are durable enough to be used in almost any application.

Delta 901 Series Premium Filters

Premium filtration for high flows with many new features and a complete line of accessories.

Stainless Steel FRL 70/72 Series
Numatics Stainless Steel FRL line includes Filters, Regulators, Lubricators and Filter-Regulators.

Numatics ADL Series

Free water, water aerosols, and water vapor raise havoc on a compressed air system. The ADL Series Drip Leg in combination with coalescing filtration delivers an excellent but economical package

Proportional and Precision Instrumentation 80 Series

Numatics 80 series precision regulators are available for instrument or industrial applications requiring very accurate, repeatable control of the downstream pressure. The Electro-pneumatic transducers convert an analog input signal to a proportional pneumatic output.

Lockout and Shut Off Valves

Numatics lockout and shut off valves prevent unauthorized pressurization of an air system during service or maintenance.

Accessories – In-Fittings, Flow Controls, and Mufflers

Numatics accessories include nickel plated brass and composite fittings, flow controls (in port & in -ine), pilot operated checks, quick exhaust valves, mufflers, speed control mufflers, breather vents, check valves, and tubing.

FRL Accessories- Pressure Switches, Gauges, and Options

Numatics FRL accessories includes mechanical pressure switches, regulator gauges, FRL brackets, and accessories to improve the performance and ease of use of your Numatics Flexiblok FRL products.