Rotary Actuators

R Series
The R Series is a heavy-duty rack and pinion style rotary actuator that is designed to excel in the most rigid applications. The R Series includes a high torque-to-size ratio as well as accurate positioning.

RW Series
The RW Series Rotary Actuator design utilizes two independent piston cylinders. Each piston has a crank arm attached to a crankshaft. As the piston strokes in its bore, the crankshaft rotates. Pressurizing the opposite bore reverses rotation. This unique design has many features and benefits over conventional rotary actuators.

RM Series

The RM Series Rotary Manifold utilizes a unique concept in transferring air pressure thru fixed ports to rotating parts on the rotary platform. As shown, the rotary manifold and gripper is a clean compact assembly which allows the gripper to rotate freely without rotating air lines.

LR Series
The LR series rotary actuator is a low profile rack and pinion design. Two independent pistons drive their corresponding racks against the pinion thereby rotating the platform

AR Series

The torque rack on the AR Series produces the rotary output torque while the control rack determines rotary stroke. The output shaft is supported by two angular contact bearings. The NuMate™ mounting feature provides a convenient method of mounting the AR-Rotaries to the SH-Series linear slide.