ASCO Numatics is a leading provider of fluid, pneumatic, and motion control components and systems. Top automotive and tire makers as well as manufacturers of original equipment for plant automation rely on our unmatched ability to improve an entire automated process.
Our complete solutions greatly reduce costs, simplify installations, and increase productivity for our partners. ASCO Numatics shortens installation and commissioning; slashes front-end purchases of switches, routers, power supplies, and processors; and reduces cabling. We also help manage I/O and network interfaces better than any other supplier. Results: a simpler system — one that’s easier and much less expensive to purchase, implement, diagnose, and maintain.

Our total systems solutions bring special advantages for almost any automotive or tire plant application. ASCO Numatics delivers excellent performance everywhere from the output of the compressor through the powertrain gripper cylinder, and from the end effector vacuum cup picking up a roofline panel to the actuator working the tire extruder.
Automotive design engineers worldwide specify ASCO Numatics for applications including:
• Body in white (BIW)
• Powertrain
• Assembly material handling
• Stamping
• Paint
• Conveyors
• Fixtures
• Work-holding
• Palletizing
• Sorting

Tire manufacturing designers across the globe also apply ASCO Numatics to demanding process areas including:
• Curing presses
• Extruders
• Cutters
• Windup stations
• Material handling
• Feeds/conveyors
• Tire building machine

ASCO Numatics provides the industry’s best value in pneumatic automation solutions for automotive and tire applications. Our technology leadership, proven reliability, and global support greatly reduce time, efforts, and costs for our users and OEM partners worldwide.