ServoWeld® Actuators

ServoWeld GSWA Series integrated motor actuators are used in servo resistance spot welding for robotic automotive applications. ServoWeld GSWA actuators combine servo motor technology in a powerful high-force actuator for a compact profile and faster resistant spot weld cycles—perfect for automotive body-in-white spot welding applications.

ServoWeld GSWA Series

Tolomatic GSWA ServoWeld spot welding actuators are a compact, highly efficient alternative to pneumatic actuators. When used in P- (pinch), C- , X-guns or Euro gun robotic spot welding applications, they provide faster spot weld cycles and higher quality, more repeatable welds than pneumatic robotic spot welding equipment. GSWA spot welding actuators integrates a hollow core servo motor for efficient, repeatable high force in three different model designs. The actuators support multiple weld schedules and easily accommodate different materials and material thicknesses.