Precise temperature control is critical to ensure the safer, more manageable extended fermentation that produces high-quality product with optimal taste. From owners and winemakers to engineering and maintenance managers, many winemaking professionals prefer our advanced, ultra-reliable technology — the product of many years of worldwide fluid automation leadership.
• Save equipment space and get a clean look with compact sizing and efficient, aesthetic designs
• Conserve energy with green products
• Cut startup expenses with simple, easy installation
• Provide uninterrupted production and reduce maintenance costs with less downtime
• Ensure reliable operation with the industry’s longest service lives.
Apply ASCO Numatics products with confidence to winemaking applications such as heating and cooling fermentation tanks; crushing/de-stemming grapes; diverting process fluids, for instance from fermentation to barrel filling tanks to bottling lines; and providing control actuation for knife gate actuators, as well as for solenoid valves, manifolds, and cylinders.
Of particular interest: our unique, direct-acting fermentation tank temperature control valve. The ASCO direct-acting temperature control valve is the first and only unit of its kind specifically designed for winemaking applications. A single ultra-reliable ASCO valve replaces four to eight diaphragm and check valves, eliminating the issue of plugging associated with those valves. It’s also more affordable, and requires less installation time and cost than actuated ball valves and diaphragm valves.
No other fluid automation supplier matches the ASCO Numatics record for durability and reliability. From build materials to product designs, high performance and lasting quality are built in. Our products provide the industry’s longest expected service life — for unsurpassed uptime during every precious minute of the winemaking process.