Gripping Solutions

Since 1980 with the release of its patented series of parallel grippers, the Robohand brand name has come to represent the best in innovation, quality and reliability. Offering a vast range of products and solutions, Robohand products serve all markets including stainless steel grippers for food and beverage, miniature clean room products for pharmaceuticals and heavy duty material handling solutions for industrial automotive applications. Gripping Solutions Include:
  • Standard and Precision Pneumatic Grippers
  • Maintenance-free Electric Grippers
  • Clean room, food and automotive grippers
  • High quality Linear Actuators (slides)
  • Full line of Rotary Actuators (rotaries)
  • Automatic full-sensing Robotic Arm Tool Changers

Robohand G100 Series Pneumatic Grippers

The Robohand G100 Parallel Gripper delivers better performance, less maintenance, and faster operation without added costs to machine builders.

The Industry Standard for Machine Builders

  • Low Maintenance: Shielded design ensures continuous operation in a variety of manufacturing environments
  • Compact Design: High force, low profile, with strokes from 5 mm to 50 mm
  • Increase Productivity: twice the speed over competing units
  • Easy Commissioning: Cost saving installation kits
  • Economical: Cost effective solutions with short delivery times
  • Interchangeable Gripper Fingers: Re-use fingers designed for SMC MHZ series for easy installation

G100 Family Overview

  • A wide variety of different models
  • Four different bore sizes 8, 11, 18 and 25 mm
  • Fast actuation times from 0.06 seconds
  • Multiple stroke options from 5 mm to 50 mm
  • Higher grip force in a smaller package: 56 to 568 N
  • Extended vertical jaw option

Robohand Pneumatic Grippers

DE-STA-CO Robohand grippers are high-quality, robust grippers available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. The DirectConnect™ feature allows for a complete multi-axis pick & place solution without the need for transition plates.

Wide range of sizes and configurations:

  • 2-jaw or 3-jaw with parallel or angular jaws
  • Originator of the double-wedge design for long-life, robust grippers
  • Low break-away precision grippers for picking up fragile precision parts with high repeatability
  • Fail-safe grippers

Robohand Electric Parallel Grippers

Robohand zero-maintenance electric grippers deliver faster installation, lower maintenance costs, increased reliability over traditional pneumatics grippers. Gripper open and closed operation is controlled using a discrete output from an industry standard controller such as a PLC.

DPE and RPE Electric Grippers

Key Advantages

  • Simple and fast installation, no software required
  • No valves, tubing, compressor, or filters required
  • Zero maintenance for maximum machine uptime
  • Clean room friendly, no air contaminants
  • Energy efficient reducing operation costs
  • Easier to operate and control than pneumatic grippers

Robohand Slides and Thrusters

  • Internal and external powered slides available
  • Combine slides for multi-axis pick & place solutions
  • Precision hard stops and shock absorbers available
  • Robohand precision slides have low break-away

Robohand Pneumatic Rotaries

Pneumatic Robohand Rotary Actuators (Rotaries) are available in a wide range of models: Shaft or flange output, high or low precision, light-duty to heavy-duty. Some models feature the DirectConnect hole pattern for easy integration with other Robohand products – no adapter plates!

Robohand rotaries are available in several styles for a variety of applications.

  • DRF Flange Rotaries with DirectConnect for easy integration with other Robohand products and for applications requiring a precision end stop and zero backlash
  • DRG Shaft Output Rotaries with DirectConnect for applications where low precision end-stop positioning and backlash are acceptable
  • RR light, medium and heavy-duty Rotaries have a flange output and a low profile for tight space applications