Vacuum Products

The Numatics vacuum product line provides customers with a comprehensive range of vacuum components for all types of markets and applications. The Numatics product range includes a large selection of vacuum generators (ejectors/venturis, electric vacuum pumps), suction cups, large area grippers, specialty grippers, mounting elements spring plungers, sensors/switches/regulators, filters, and various accessories. Key product features include air saving technologies on the vacuum generators, extended life materials for suction cups, including FDA grade materials for food and beverage applications. NumaticsVacuumProductImage

Numatics Vacuum Generators- Ejectors/Venturis

The Numatics vacuum ejectors consist of basic, in-line, feed, multi-stage and compact units. Basic ejectors offer customers a reliable and cost effective solution for handling air-tight work pieces. The compact type intelligent ejectors include integrated valve technology, system monitoring, along with an integrated air savings feature. The multi-stage ejectors, with a high suction rate, provide an excellent means for handling porous work pieces. The Numatics ejectors are suitable for applications in the automotive, packaging, food and beverage, and numerous other industries. Ejectors are also referred to as venturis since they operate on the venturi principle.

Numatics Vacuum Generators- Electric Vacuum Pumps

The NEVE-TR series dry running vacuum pumps can be used for a wide range of applications for automated handling of work pieces. If compressed air is not readily available, the electric pumps provide a reliable way to generate vacuum . The vacuum pumps are primarily used as a central vacuum generator in gripping systems for handling air-tight work pieces

Numatics Vacuum Suction Cups

Numatics offers a wide range of suction cups for different industries and applications; available in various sizes, shapes and materials suitable for handling all types of work pieces (air tight and porous). Numatics suction cups offering includes specially designed cups for the automotive (sheet metal), packaging, food and beverage, and a wide range of other industries. Numatics suction cups are robust and specially designed for extended life, thus providing you with a more reliable and cost effective solution.

Numatics Vacuum Large Area Grippers

The NFX Series large area gripper is designed to handle work pieces with a wide range of dimensions and/or undefined positions. The frame is made of extruded aluminum and is available with a foam pad or suction cups. This innovative product provides you with a reliable means of handling work pieces that have several gaps. Typical work-piece materials include, cardboard, wood, metal or plastic.

Numatics Vacuum Specialty Grippers

Numatics Specialty grippers are used in applications where it is not possible or practical to use a suction cup. Numatics specialty gripper product line includes magnetic grippers that are a bi-stable design, which means the “grip” or “release” are maintained in the event of power loss. The specialty gripper product line also includes floating grippers; specially designed for low contact handling of work pieces.

Numatics Vacuum Mounting Elements – Spring Plungers

Spring plungers are very versatile components. Their primary function is to compensate for excessively long strokes of the handling system and work pieces of varying heights and uneven surfaces. They also allow the suction cup to have a soft placement on the work-piece surface.

Numatics Vacuum Sensors, Switches, and Regulators

Numatics product offering includes a selection of vacuum switches, sensors, and regulators that provide customers with all of the required components to complete a vacuum automated solution.

Numatics Vacuum Accessories

In addition to the products listed above, Numatics also offers several other vacuum accessories, such as vacuum filters, check valves, silencers, and cables.