Central Research Laboratories (CRL) researches, designs and manufactures machines and systems which allow human operators to safely perform dexterous maneuvers in hazardous or sterile environments through remote operation.

In 1945, at the dawn of the Atomic Age, three scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology saw the need for a high technology instrument company to support the emerging industry created by this new technology. These three men, Dr. Frank Chesley, Dr. Demetrius Jelatis, and Dr. Gordon Lee, pioneered early development of safer methods for handling hazardous and toxic products produced by this industry. So Central Research Laboratories was born.

Early mechanisms for handling materials in containment were awkward (usually overhead-mounted devices). Argonne National Laboratory commissioned CRL to develop a telemanipulator that could be mounted through the vertical face of the containment wall. The result was the Model 8 manipulator, many of which are in use throughout the world today. Subsequent development and customer requirements have led to 20 different models of telemanipulator with a wide range of capacities and configurations.

As a result of years of experience, CRL has also developed a full line of related remote materials handling systems including transfer systems, glove ports, manipulator tools and accessories, and power-assist equipment. CRL’s technologies and products have found application in the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries.

CRL products are operating in 25 countries employing nuclear technology, including pharmaceutical manufacturers using isolator technology and by NASA for research in satellite servicing.

Central Research Laboratories’ Products:

  • Telemanipulators: remotely perform tasks in a high radiation or hazardous environment
  • Gloveport Systems: remotely perform tasks in an isolated environment
  • Transfer Products: transfer hazardous, toxic or sterile material from one sealed enclosure to another
  • Waste Drum Transfer Systems: automate the waste removal process in hot cell banks and waste generating gloveboxes.

CRL Telemanipulator CRL Gloveports CRL Gloveport and Transfer Port