Research Control Valve

RCV-Selection-Guide-Cover Badger Meter valve products are used to control the flow of liquids, gas and steam in a variety of industrial applications including: chemical, petrochemical, bio-tech, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, general industrial, and research. Badger Meter manufactures and markets a complete range of precision control valves and accessories to meet the most critical and demanding applications. With control valve designs ranging from ¼" to 2"; pressures from vacuum to 60,000 psig; temperature from cryogenic to 1500° F along with a wide selection of materials and Cv’s; Badger Meter has a standard, special or custom designed control valve for your application. When precision means everything. Customers around the world depend on Research Control Valves for precise, repeatable performance. When precision means everything, you can choose Research Control Valves with confidenc