Specialty Actuator Products

Air Bellows
The Numatics Air Bellows is the Ideal pneumatic solution to shortstroke – High load cylinder/actuator applications. They are also able to provide a safe, quiet and consistant suspension system for vibrating and noisy machinery.

FE Series Escapements
The FE series design uses two double acting cylinders that are cross-ported and internally sequenced for smooth functioning parts regulation. Internal back pressure cross-port design allows both rods to be retracted with the air off to easily clear jammed parts. A four way two position valve is required for operation.

SC Series Swing Clamp
The SC series Swing Clamps combine linear and rotary motions. A specially machined spline internal to the piston rod develops the combined motions. When the clamp is pressurized to extend, it moves linear, removing the clamp tooling from the clamped surface as not to damage the clamped surface. After completing the linear travel, rotation occurs swinging the clamp arm away from the work holding area. During clamping the opposite motions occur.