Machine Vision, Industrial ID

P&P is automation solution provider in Machine Vision & Industrial ID applications. P&P provides products, solutions and integration services for Machine Vision & Industrial ID applications. Products range are Vision Systems, Vision Software, Vision Sensors and Industrial ID. We are authorised automation solution provider for Cognex the world leader in Machine Vision & Industrial ID. (A) Machine Vision and Industrial ID services we provide include:  
  1. Consulting Services to help customer understand the potential problem associated with an inspection methodology, this service can help you make the correct decision for machine vision implementation.
  2. Integration Services include complete machine vision solution. Many applications require more than the typical machine vision components (i.e. lights, camera and processor). P&P will provide design and integration services for machine projects from simple part location to complicated multi-dimensional measurements. In case of project that requires services beyond our capabilities, we will team up with other organization to make the program successful.
  3. Software Support Services offer extensive image processing library, the tools and engineering services necessary to create viable machine vision solutions.
(B) Products and Solutions we provide include: