Instrumentation, Process Control

P&P provides instrumentation and control devices to measure and control automation and process variables within the production, manufacturing and building control system. PPSystems provides products like gauges, meters, sensors, transmitter, field and other devices to measure and control process variables like pressure, level, flow, temperature, humidity, air velocity, air quality, process control, test equipment, valves automation etc. P&P distributes respected brand names like Dwyer Instruments, Mercoid Controls, Love Controls, W.E. Anderson and Proximity Controls and complete flow instruments from Badger Meters’ range of branded products. We also supply instruments like ultrasonic and electromagnetic BTU Meters, Flow Meters, Water Meter and other instruments that are AMR (automated meter reading) and AMI (automated meter instruments) applicable for building automation system (BAS) and building management system (BMS) from ppKinetics Instruments. Our brands line include Dwyer Instruments, Badger Meter, Hedland, Dynasonics, Flow-tech, Cox, Chemline, Omega, Flowline, Aquametrix, Various Technologies, Signet, Plast-O-Matic, Madison Company, Blue-White Industries, King Instruments and many others. Instruments and Control Products Categories include the below:-